iPhone gets Shazam mobile song discovery service

Shazam LogoShazam, a leading mobile music discovery provider announced a native version of its mobile application will be available for iPhone on the new Apple App Store beginning today. Already an industry standard, Shazam fully integrates with and complements the iPhone, allowing users to seamlessly discover, buy and share tunes simply by holding their iPhone to music for just a few seconds.

“Shazam on the iPhone allows users to discover, capture and share their experiences through music and images to fully encapsulate that moment.” said Andrew Fisher, Shazam’s CEO. “Shazam is inherently linked to the one device that is always with you – the mobile phone – and as such provides an instant link to the emotions and memories that sound evokes.”

The Shazam mobile application enables music lovers to tap into a vast database of nearly five million tracks, giving instant satisfaction for those times when users want to know the tune that is playing, learn more about the artist, buy the song immediately – or simply add it to their playlist. Shazam also exploits the iPhone’s rich visual experience to allow users to view music videos with links to YouTube and share their memorable moments with their friends and family by attaching photos to the tag.
Following seven years of focused effort in the mobile music space, Shazam has delivered a comprehensive and easy to use music services to consumers. Shazam’s one-touch service is sensitive enough to recognize tracks within just three seconds, even when the volume is low and in environments with significant background noise.

Key user features include:
— Tag music: identify music anywhere – whether it’s on the radio, TV, in a movie or in a store
— Build one’s own soundtrack: see the list grow every time music is tagged
— Get the music: go straight to iTunes to preview and buy
— Music Videos: see related videos of the track on YouTube
— Capture the moment: personalize the tag by taking a photo and adding it to ‘My Tags’
— Share the moment: send track details to friends via email

Shazam is already used by more than 15 million music lovers around the world, live in over 60 countries and deployed with 75 carriers.

Shazam on the iPhone is available for free from Apple’s App Store on iPhone

About Shazam Entertainment
Shazam is the world’s leading mobile music discovery application – enabling consumers to experience and share music with others across mobile devices and the internet. Since its conception as the first mobile-specific service to help users discover new music seven years ago, Shazam has created a new way for users to connect to each other through their music choices.

Headquartered in London England, Shazam’s solutions enhance the music strategies of more than 75 carriers across 60 markets globally, including Verizon, AT&T and Vodafone.

The Shazam Chart, generated by the company’s mobile music recognition service, is constantly referenced by the music industry as a true indicator of market interest in pre-release material and a monitor of the hit potential of a track or artist. Shazam has a dedicated music team who both work with the labels to get the content as well as actively researching new and independent music to add to the Shazam database to ensure that it is kept up-to-date.

Shazam’s successes have been recognized through numerous awards, most recently winning the Mobile Entertainment Award for Best Music Service Provider and being shortlisted for the GSMA 2008 Award for Best Mobile Music Service.

Source: Shazam

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