Vringo’s video ringtone channels in time for Presidential Election

Vringo, the leader in video ringtones, today announced a breakthrough in the delivery of mobile personalization: Vringo Channels, the world’s first video ringtone channel service. Launching with specially themed Obama- and McCain-video ringtone channels, Vringo Channels transform the static ringtone into a dynamic experience. Mobile users can personalize their phones by subscribing to a feed of video ringtones updated on either a daily or weekly basis.

Vringo Channels make the process of finding and swapping out personalized video ringtones extremely simple. Traditionally, mobile phone users had to select, download and install clips every time they wanted to change their video ringtones. With Vringo Channels, users subscribe to themed channels and receive fresh and exciting new content automatically.

“Video ringtones are a cool way to personalize your phone,” said Jon Medved, founder and CEO of Vringo, “but it’s much cooler to get new Vringos daily without having to work at it, especially if you’re a political junkie like me who loves to see the greatest show on earth—the U.S. presidential election—up close on your mobile phone.”

The first Vringo Channels launch this month, including those for Obama and McCain, giving fans of each candidate the ultimate badge of support: access to a daily updated roster of free video ringtones pulled from the latest news, commercials, events, speeches and choice campaign moments. When a user subscribes to one of these free channels, every call he or she receives becomes an opportunity to campaign for his or her favorite candidate.

Vringo has introduced an initial group of four free Vringo channels: Obama and McCain, as well as special Chill and Animation channels.

“While Vringo is happy to feed the political hunger of consumers, we also have the antidote: the Chill channel will help you recover your sanity in these crazy days, and our Animation channel will bring a smile to your face even if your candidate is losing,” said Vringo Senior VP–Content and Community Andrew Perlman.

These four Vringo channels are just the first blast of this innovative service that allows mobile phone users to receive a new video ringtone either weekly or everyday, for free.

Perlman pointed out that “Vringo will be launching dozens of new channels over the next few months, and we will soon allow users to create their own Vringo channels.”

The channels are offered free on a global basis and available on data-capable mobile phones. Users must provide their mobile numbers to download the Vringo application or video ringtones directly to their mobile devices. Standard carrier data charges apply.

Vringo Channels are available for free to consumers worldwide at www.vringo.com/channels. To visit a specific channel, click on the following:

Obama channel: www.obama.vringo.com.
McCain channel: www.mccain.vringo.com.
Chill channel: www.chill.vringo.com.
Animation channel: www.animation.vringo.com.

A video demo of Vringo Channels is available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U3vgCCn–w.

About Vringo
Vringo is making mobile Personalization 2.0 a reality by enabling users to experience rich media ringtones on a wide variety of mobile devices and for the first time to share that media with others within a community. Vringo is backed by Warburg Pincus and by private investors.

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