Mobile video from TipMotion – Avot Media

TipMotion is a real-time transcoding and streaming technology that produces instant, full screen mobile video – while cutting server processing by up to 90% and reducing network data load by half. It serves more handsets than any other competing technology – and it is ready for market now.

Avot Media started with a clear goal. “Mobile video stinks. We can do it better.” Their solution, about to be unveiled, was tested on over 6,000 handsets (chosen at random). It ran error-free on over 75% of these devices. Avot Media is an innovator in intelligent search, near real-time streaming and personalization of video delivery to web-enabled mobile devices. Avot mV allows users to play any web video on any web-enabled mobile device in near real-time with a high-quality image.

Furthermore, TipMotion supports over 200 handset platforms today and is growing rapidly.

It is easy-to-use: Using TipMotion is as easy as clicking on a TEXT message. Users get a SMS message, click the link, and the video stream is transcoded on the fly for their handset. It’s that simple.

You can actually try it if you have a video-capable phone with a data package, simply text “BMW” to 95495. If your phone does not support streaming (MS Mobile, Blackberry), it will revert to download automatically.

This patented technology has the ability to bring mobile video (finally) into mainstream use.

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