Vringo™ and Comedy Time deliver stand-up comedy video ringtones

VringoTM, the leader in visual ringtone sharing, is working with mobile content pioneer Comedy Time to bring a new format to the world of stand-up comedy: the video ringtone. Through the partnership, Vringo users will have free access to a collection of bite-sized stand-up performances.

“In establishing the video ringtones category, Vringo is helping to redefine expectations for how we consume video content,” said Vringo General Manager and Senior VP–Content & Community Andrew Perlman. “As one of the first exclusively mobile content networks, Comedy Time has shared a similar vision, which makes our partnership with them truly exciting.”

Founded by entertainment industry veterans David Goldman and Michael Goldman, Comedy Time is the global market leader in original comedy content created specifically for wireless handsets. In the U.S., Comedy Time reaches more than 3,500,000 subscribers through distributors like Sprint, VCAST, Cingular, MobiTV, Alltel and U.S. Wireless. Through its partnership with Vringo, Comedy Time has added a collection of stand-up comedy-focused video ringtones to Vringo’s extensive catalog of free content.

Vringo lets users set their own visual or video ringtone and choose the video, avatar, slide show or picture they want their friends to see when they call. Users can choose content from a variety of sources to create their “ Vringos,” including Vringo’s own large collection of premium content licensed from TV, video and music clips. They can create content themselves using their phone’s camera. Or they can import content from Vringo partner sites, such as those announced today, or from other Vringo partners, including Turner Broadcasting System, Saturday Night Live and Agence France Presse. In fact, content can be imported from almost anywhere on the Web.

Users can join for free to download and begin sharing rich media clips with friends. Vringos can be shared with any subscriber in the Vringo community with a compatible wireless phone. Vringo operates on the largest global mobile platforms (Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java), as well as some Palm devices.

Source: Vringo

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