Free phone calls on the iPod touch!

They say the best form of disruption comes from within. Truphone enables iPod touch to, well, essentially compete with an iPhone. Could this be an iPhone competitor?

Well, regardless, I’m interested and I’m sure lots of folks will be since it comes just in time to allow iPod touch owners to save precious cash when making those calls to friends and family during the holidays.

Once installed, and with the addition of microphone adaptor (Truphone microphone adaptor available soon)*, an iPod touch owner can make free calls – no matter where any are in the world – to other iPod touch owners, to customers of Truphone’s Internet telephony service, and to users of the Google Talk™ instant messaging service.

Truphone for iPod touch will become a one-stop-shop social hub with the following features coming soon:

  • Making and receiving calls to and from landlines (PSTN) at low cost (simply set yourself up with a Truphone account)
  • Instant messaging to Skype and MSN (free)
  • Calling to Skype users (free)
  • Calling to MSN users (free)
  • Check and set facilities for Twitter (free)
  • Check and set facilities for Facebook (free)

Folks can download the Truphone for iPod touch from Apple’s App Store in exactly the same way as any other iPod touch application.

The software uses the iPod touch’s Wi-Fi connection to carry calls over the internet to its destination. There is no monthly line rental, no subscription or other hidden charges.

*Microphone adaptor accessory currently available at the Apple Store.

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