m-Wise launches new mobile campaigns analytics suite

m-wise-logoThe new mobile campaigns analytics suite is an online tool for obtaining business, marketing, campaign and financial analysis of mobile content services. The analytics suite is provided in addition to the extensive MOMA data warehouse and legacy reporting suite that consists of more than 70 report templates.

The mobile campaigns analytics suite enables fast and effective analysis of mobile content and services advertised by: TV, radio & Internet campaigns, ad words, newspaper ads and billboards, which allows extensive analysis of topics such as: conversion rates, billable vs. non-billable users, traffic sources, traffic channels web/WAP/SMS/MMS, traffic quantities, distinct users and subscribers analysis, revenues analysis, purchased content and product analysis, popular content analysis, and much more.

Each of the current 18 graphical analytics reports offered by the campaigns analytics suite allows fast filtering of the report by: date range, associated services (such as a mobile content storefront), associated mobile carrier, incoming traffic channels (such as web, WAP, SMS, IVR) and the associated mobile campaign (such as a TV promotion, or web banner), thus providing an effective tool for analyzing the success of mobile services and campaigns.

The mobile campaigns analytics suite is powered by an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) engine that quickly answers, both graphically and numerically, multi-dimensional analytical queries within seconds.

Asaf Lewin, m-Wise’s Chief Technological Officer, said: “The mobile campaigns analytics suite has helped our customers maximize their revenues from advertisements by allowing them to easily understand which TV spots, Internet banners, ad words, web and WAP portals generate the most cost effective results to for their marketing budgets. This tool allows marketing managers to optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns and invest the marketing budget in a substantially more efficient manner.”

About m-Wise

Founded in 2000, m-Wise has rapidly established itself as a leading international provider of enabling technologies for the mobile entertainment and marketing industries, powering market leaders such as Thumbplay, Bertelsmann’s Arvato Mobile and Universal Records. m-Wise is the developer of MOMA platform, the de facto content management and service delivery platform used on or through over 50 mobile networks throughout Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia.

MOMA is an integrated “one stop shop” for mobile operators, wireless ASPs, content providers, and media producers to always deliver end-users with a state-of-the-art mobile experience. MOMA makes it easy not only to manage and deliver content like entertainment, music, games, and video without specific regard to handset compatibility but also adds real-time end user capabilities like voting, mobile marketing, advertising and access to live data. Better yet, MOMA includes transactional billing, customer care, and even marketing capabilities — all built in.

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Source: m-wise

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