Ringtones.com finally tunes up for US launch

mobilestreams-logoMobile phone users in the US will now be able to access directly www.Ringtones.com and the over 20,000 ringtones available from music industry stars such as Katy Perry, Coldplay, Flex and J. Holiday. In addition to MP3 ringtones and polyphonic ringtones, subscribers to the store can also choose from a wide selection of graphics and games. The store boasts thousands of pieces of content provided by more than 500 different music publishers and labels as well as media content suppliers.

Mobile Streams CEO, Simon Buckingham said: “Mobile Streams has been retailing mobile content on-portal for more than five years in the US, but the launch of the off-portal www.Ringtones.com site marks the first major effort we have put into launching an off-portal destination in this market. Friendly billing solutions coupled with a growing volume of search queries for mobile content make the timing of this launch appropriate”.

www.Ringtones.com is powered by Mobile Streams’ technology platform, MultiMobi. Designed and built by Mobile Streams, MultiMobi ensures that customers have an uncomplicated shopping experience with advanced features such as: arrival reactivity, storefront personalization, dynamic content generation and one-click purchasing.

“Ringtones.com is our flagship consumer brand and we look forward to welcoming new customers in the key US market,” added Simon Buckingham.

Ringtones.com has already been launched as an off-portal mobile content store in the UK and Argentina, continuing Mobile Streams’ strategy of building an off-portal retailing business to supplement its existing on-portal content retailing operations.

About Mobile Streams

Mobile Streams is a leading mobile content retailer providing managed mobile content services to some of the world’s largest mobile phone network operators including 3, AT&T, Movistar, Optus, SingTel, Telcel, TIM and Vodafone.

The Company also offers mobile internet services directly to consumers through sites powered by its “Ringtones.com” brand.

Mobile Streams operates subsidiaries in the USA, UK, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore and has approximately 70 employees.

Source: Mobile Streams

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