m-Wise Inc. and Malaco bring pay-as-you-go ringtones

m-wiselogoMalaco has a long history of providing some of the best music in Gospel, Southern, Urban, Blues, R&B, Soul and many other genres. Malaco’s artists are award winning and Billboard music chart spot holders. Throughout the history and notable story of Malaco Music Group, it is clear that they have always been and continue to be dedicated to music and play a huge role in the development and representation of Southern music.

“m-Wise, is excited to partner with Malaco, a leader in Gospel, Southern, Urban, Blues, and R&B which are all new genres for us,” says Leo Giel, m-Wise’s VP of Sales N. America. “We pride ourselves in working with the best and there is no better partner for this genre than Malaco.” Malaco currently has an impressive 2,000 hits on their website each day, and forecasts a significant lift in this number with the launch of their ringtone offering. This feature will be promoted virtually through their website, blogspot, Twitter and on physical CDs. On many of the new CD releases Malaco offers in 2009, a coupon code will be included for a free ringtone.

This coupon code can be redeemed online at www.malaco.com.

Burton Doss, director of IT at Malaco, said, “Malaco has been looking for a technology partner who can provide not only ringtones to our customers, but also full track downloads and there is no partner better than m-Wise Inc. in the US.” The pay per-download ringtone feature will be done by utilizing MOMA, a proprietary software created by m-Wise Inc., which is integrated as a “one stop shop” for mobile operators, content providers, wireless ASP’s and media producers like Malaco. The MOMA platform delivers end-users with a state-of-the-art mobile experience and makes it easy to manage and deliver content like music, games, videos and other entertainment while adding real-time end user capabilities like voting, mobile marketing, advertising and access to live data. Within this package, MOMA also supports transactional billing, customer care and marketing capabilities.

Malaco will be offering the popular “Do the Ricky Bobby” by BHamp as a ringtone and coming soon will be ringtones by many other well known artists such as the gospel group Bebe and Cece Winans. In addition, Malaco has just signed on Queen Emily from last season’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ and intends to use songs from her upcoming album within this feature as well.

For more information about Malaco Music Group you can visit their website www.malaco.com; their Blog http://malacorecords.blogspot.com and you can also follow them on Twitter by going to http://twitter.com/malaco_music.

About m-Wise

Founded in 2000, m-Wise has rapidly established itself as a leading international provider of enabling technologies for the mobile entertainment and marketing industries, powering market leaders such as Thumbplay, Bertelsmann’s Arvato Mobile and Universal Records. m-Wise is the developer of MOMA platform, the de facto content management and service delivery platform used on or through over 50 mobile networks throughout Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia.

MOMA is an integrated “one stop shop” for mobile operators, wireless ASPs, content providers, and media producers to always deliver end-users with a state-of-the-art mobile experience. MOMA makes it easy not only to manage and deliver content like entertainment, music, games, and video without specific regard to handset compatibility but also adds real-time end user capabilities like voting, mobile marketing, advertising and access to live data. Better yet, MOMA includes transactional billing, customer care, and even marketing capabilities — all built in.

For more information, please visit www.m-wise.com.

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