Jerky Boys Prank Calls now on new iPod Touch and iPhone Apps

We think the never-before-heard prank calls alone are worth a lot more than the price of this app. All-new The Jerky Boys content is now available exclusively on two new iPod Touch and iPhone apps from Inner Four. The applications, a prank calls app entitled “The Jerky Boys Prank Caller” and “The Jerky Boys Pinball,” feature all-new comedy recordings and never before heard calls and are available for download to the iPhone and iPod touch. Now users can have all the fun of Frank Rizzo, Jack Tors and Sol Rosenberg in the palms of their hands.

“The Jerky Boys are here, in a new and mobile way! Has it been a while since you’ve heard something new from your favorite characters? Well, you’ve never heard them like this,” says David Rajala, CEO of Tampa iPhone developer, Inner Four Inc.

A huge fan of the The Jerky Boys, Rajala has worked directly with The Jerky Boys creator Johnny Brennan to bring fans these amazing comedy apps, complete with exclusive never-before-heard full-length calls, favorite Jerkyisms, all-new Jerkyisms, free Jerky Ringtones, a fake inbound calling feature to screw with friends and so much more.

“We think the never-before-heard prank calls alone are worth a lot more than the price of this app, even if it didn’t do all of the other amazingly awesome things it does!” Rajala says. “Everyone remembers the Jerky Boys as those crazy liver-lipped characters that preyed on innocent victims for a laugh. All of those calls from the past seem to live in listeners’ minds forever and give a good stomach hurting when one is needed.”

The Jerky Boys have sold millions of records, and were awarded best comedy album at NARM for two consecutive years, also Grammy nominated. Johnny Brennan’s beloved character voices have even made their way onto Fox TV’s smash hit “Family Guy.” Johnny voices Mort Goldman, Horace the bartender – owner of The Drunken Clam, Scott – Peter’s gay lover in “Family Gay”, even a bottle in the sand and a gay cow.

The Jerky Boys Prank Caller app is an expansive collection of clips, free ringtones, never-before-heard prank calls and even a prank calling machine. Yes, a fake inbound calling machine. Start up the app, pick which character to use for the prank, then look for The Jerky Prank icon. Once touched, a call screen with different recordings opens up. Pick a recording and hit the call button. Now comes the cool part, setting the iPhone countdown: when the phone rings, ask a friend to get it. When they pick it up, there will be Frank Rizzo, Sol Rosenberg or Jack Tors to give them a good swift kick to the nuts!

Each character has his own unique experience, including:
– Jerky Board: Play each character’s greetings, questions, responses and insults
– Jerky Prank: Each character has his own fake call to trick friends
– Jerkyisms: Every character has his own unique sound clips
– Jerky Message: All characters have their own answering machine messages
– Jerky Radio: Tune in to hear each character’s never-before-heard prank call
– Jerky Tones: Get each character’s ringtones via e-mail

In addition, there are interactive screens for each beloved character, including fully loaded content, tons of newly recorded clips and a one-of-a-kind prank machine.
The Prank Caller app for iPhone and iPod touch is available at

The second new app is The Jerky Boys Pinball app. This pinball game features the classic images everyone has of their favorite Jerky Boys characters, Frank Rizzo, Jack Tors and Sol Rosenberg. Each character has their own level catered toward them with the sounds and sights of The Jerky Boys. These newly recorded clips and taunts, along with some of the most famous quotes from the Jerky Boys history of work, that bring each character to life. However, each character has their own little attitude problem, so watch out!

All of the fun of a regular pinball game is there, with all the buzzers and bouncers and what not, along with all-new never-before-heard content. The app features realistic pinball physics, a unique pinball board design and score keeping system and zoomed and full view cameras, all encapsulated in four unique levels of play.

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