Mister Landscaper on the move with mobile marketing campaign

Augme Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: AUGT), a technology and services leader in interactive media marketing that offers the only patented and innovative end-to-end mobile marketing platform announced that it has partnered with Mister Landscaper, a leading distributor of drip irrigation systems, to launch an on-pack mobile customer service campaign. Mister Landscaper’s Micro Sprinkler Beginner’s Kit will feature an on-package QR code in Lowe’s hardware stores, providing mobile how-to instructional videos and a step-by-step guide to assist customers with their Mister Landscaper product needs.

The campaign, which is currently on the floor at Lowe’s throughout the Eastern United States, features on-pack QR codes (two-dimensional codes readable by smartphones) and SMS keyword, along with in-store tear sheets, displays, and shelf stickers to access the mobile web experience. Consumers can text the keyword “DRIP” to 30333 or scan one of the QR codes to access the user-friendly mobile site. Consumers without web-enabled mobile devices can also participate in the promotion by responding to the text message with their email address.

“Mister Landscaper is an innovator when it comes to QR codes being integrated directly into the packaging creative,” said David Apple, Chief Marketing Officer of Augme Technologies, Inc. “Using Augme’s AD LIFE™ mobile platform, we developed a way for customers to engage in store to promote purchase confidence and, after they’ve left the store, to help them install the product and drive interest in additional products. Mister Landscaper’s mobile strategy helps them stand out in the store and adds true value to the customer experience away from it.”

The mobile marketing campaign, powered by Augme Technologies, brings the Mister Landscaper Start Kit’s instructions to life. Whether in the store or at home, consumers can opt-in to the product’s mobile program via QR codes and SMS codes printed on the Starter Kit pack. The mobile homepage offers six different brand interactions, including video tutorials on four products (Starter Kit, Patio Kit, Vegetable Kit and Automatic Timer), step-by-step instructions for installation of the Starter Kit, and email opt-in to receive exciting offers and news. Users can also learn more about the company, obtain contact information and engage with Mister Landscapers’ Facebook and Twitter pages.

Augme and Mister Landscaper started rolling out the campaign at select locations throughout Florida and the Southeast in early February. Early results show that over 70% of participants activated the mobile campaign by scanning QR codes versus using SMS to opt-in. Additionally, 42% of participants used the mobile manual page while 40% viewed the how-to video page. Impressively, over 82% of customers who viewed videos also watched videos on additional Mister Landscaper products, with the Patio Kit and Vegetable Kit being the most popular. Mister Landscaper has already started shipping Landscape and Shrub Kits with similar on-pack QR and SMS codes as part of a larger mobile marketing initiative to roll out this spring.

“We wanted to provide a helpful and convenient resource to our customers and Augme helped us do just that with this mobile campaign,” said Susan S. Thayer, President of Mister Landscaper, Inc. “How cool that customers looking at our products can now see them in action on their mobile device. We believe this is going to be a valuable selling tool for our company. Augme’s AD LIFE™ mobile platform not only enhances the Mister Landscaper experience, but also lets us build customer loyalty with a robust tracking and reporting system.”
About Augme Technologies, Inc.

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About Mister Landscaper, Inc.
Mister Landscaper, Inc. is partnered with Maxijet, Inc., a US manufacturer of quality, low volume irrigation products. The Thayer family, a fifth generation of Florida citrus growers, has pioneered this low-volume spray jet technology from 1972 to present day. In 1985 Susan Thayer followed in her father’s footsteps by bringing to the company new inventions that helped the company expand their sales in the Ag, Nursery, and Commercial Landscape markets. After running Maxijet for several years with Dianne Halliday they decided to launch the retail division, Mister Landscaper, Inc., in 1991.
From the onset of the company, both Susan and Dianne have been motivated by the desire to give homeowners the ability to water their landscapes and gardens just like professional growers irrigate their nurseries and groves. Today the company has succeeded in its goals. Mister Landscaper and Maxijet are now nationwide and worldwide companies. And with the support of great employees and customers these companies continue to grow by leaps and bounds. For more information, visit www.mrlandscaper.com.

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