Time Bomb Deals launches location-based mobile marketing platform

“Today’s consumers deserve more than just a good deal, they need deals that are relevant to their lives”
Coupon websites and mobile apps are popping up faster than the smartphones they run on, leaving consumers lost in the clutter and struggling to find discounts that are relevant to them. Businesses are also inundated and left wondering which services will ignite a long-lasting, positive impact on their bottom line.

Time Bomb Deals, a new mobile app that pushes explosive deals directly to users’ phones based on their precise location, is transforming the coupon craze for businesses and consumers with local, time-sensitive offers in real-time.

“Today’s consumers deserve more than just a good deal, they need deals that are relevant to their lives,” said Brittany Russell, co-founder of Time Bomb Deals. “We make it easy for consumers to discover staggering discounts on the things they want-where and when they will benefit from them the most.”

The differences for consumers are monumental:

  • Find discounts happening in the immediate vicinity in real-time through accurate, location-based technology
  • No advanced purchasing or printing necessary
  • No waiting-deals are instantly redeemable through the customer’s cell phone
  • Better discounts from retailers as coupons are only available for a limited time–sometimes as short as 15 minutes
  • Don’t worry about being bombarded–customize deal notifications

Businesses have access to a new caliber of mobile marketing thanks to a fundamental shift in mobile couponing technology:

  • Turn deals on and off at a moments notice to avoid over-selling
  • Increase revenues by incentivizing target customers during off-peak business hours
  • Completely focus and limit your advertising to control the flow of traffic in your business by immediately impacting consumers’ behavior
  • Fill seats and aisles during typically slow times or to move specific products
  • Businesses have complete control over the deal-how many to run to how long to run them
  • Time sensitivity–run deals from 15 minutes to 12 hours

“Time Bomb Deals is the most cost effective incentive marketing offering because our deals can provide additional revenue during traditional down time or off-peak hours,” said Russell. “Most coupon services, like Groupon or LivingSocial, take a huge chunk of revenue from the businesses who run deals and don’t give them any control over how long the coupon is available. With Time Bomb Deals a business owner says when to turn a deal on or off, not the company making the deal available and businesses only pay for offering the deal, not how many deals they sell.”

About Time Bomb Deals
Time Bomb Deals is a local, time-sensitive coupon app that provides consumers with immediate deals that last anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 hours. With its proximity and geo-targeting technology, Time Bomb Deals provides consumers deals and discounts for the things they want when they want them. For businesses, Time Bomb Deals offers a direct connection to consumers through their phones that can increase traffic at any time during the day and provide instant feedback. Time Bomb Deals launched in April 2011 in Denver and is currently available on the iPhone or through text message alerts and daily e-mails.

Source: Time Bomb Deals

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