ID8 Mobile acquired by AAC Technologies

ID8 Mobile, a leading innovator in premium accessories for smart phones and mobile devices, is now a division of AAC Technologies (HKEx: 2018), the world’s largest supplier of microacoustic components to the mobile devices market. This acquisition combines AAC’s long standing accessories business with ID8 Mobile’s innovation center to create a single business focused on high performance audio solutions. As a fully owned subsidiary of AAC, ID8 will deliver world-class accessory solutions to AAC’s major customers and create a new business focus exclusively on OEM solutions.

“As SmartPhone and Tablets become the central hub of all music, video and gaming, users are requiring new audio solutions that sound, look and feel as great as their SmartPhones. The wave is changing – first there was the touchscreen, then there was the app and now is the year of immersive, studio-quality sound for entertainment that these technologies have made broadly accessible.” states Stuart Nixdorff, President of AAC ID8 Accessories.

The new AAC ID8 Accessories division has a proven track record in designing products for the needs and behaviors of the mobile user, shipping over 200M accessories into the mobile market. With this expertise and AAC Technologies’ leadership in microacoustic component design and manufacturing, the ID8 division is focused on developing the world’s best performing custom audio headsets for SmartPhone and Tablet OEMs.

Together, AAC and ID8 Mobile now have the competitive advantage in OEM headsets for premium audio performance. AAC is establishing innovation centers in Boston, MA and Shanghai that will leverage a new fully automated production center in Changzhou.

About AAC & ID8 Accessories
Acquired by AAC in 2011 and chartered as a high growth division, ID8 Accessories is focused on high-performance audio for mobile devices. Utilizing proprietary DeepBass speaker drivers and BassPorttechnology, AAC ID8 has introduced groundbreaking studio-quality sound for headsets geared specifically for the OEM market.

AAC Technologies is one of the world’s foremost vertically integrated manufacturers of miniature components. AAC designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive suite of acoustic and non-acoustic products for use in mobile handsets, tablets, game consoles, notebook computers and other consumer electronics devices. AAC components include: speakers, microphones, antennas, optical lenses, vibrators, battery separator materials and ceramics products.

Source: AAC Technologies

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