Desktops left behind & beyond mobile computing the next frontier is wearable devices

Juniper Research, a mobile research company appraises new high growth market sectors within the mobile ecosystem, anticipates that the next-generation wearable devices market, including smart glasses, will be worth more than $1.5 billion by 2014, up from $800 million this year.

Wearable devices revenues will be largely driven by consumer spending on fitness, multifunctional devices, and healthcare.

Juniper sites a few examples of wearable device solutions, including a walk through history by going back to the first documented wearable computer which was developed in 1961 by Ed Thorpe and Claude Shannon. Both mathematics professors at MIT, Ed and Claude put their high pedigree knowledge in gambling, particularly the game of Roulette.

The MIT researchers created a small device which could predict the octant where a roulette ball would drop and notify the bettor via a tone played into a speaker which octant to bet on. The wearable device was designed to be used by two people, one wearing the input device and one wearing the output device to avoid detection.

Juniper provides a few more gambling related examples and then presents the Google Glass project. The Google Glass project is actually quite forward thinking, though, the jury is still out on how effective an arguable highly functional device would garner the attention of consumers when glasses are by in large a fashion accessory. can see a Prada branded Google Glass!

In any case, we’re pretty excite about the potential. The Google Glass project is a project that was announced earlier this year where a multifunction augmented reality display device, could be the next form factor for mobile computing, for displaying and performing functions similar to most smartphones and tablets.

Source: Juniper Research

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