iOS app BeatPad turns your iPad or iPhone into a high-end beat creation synth

For the price of a Starbucks large caramel machiato ($4.99) you can turn your iPad into a powerful break beat creator. BeatPad is a drum machine for the iPad & iPhone that includes over 25 trance-orientated sample kits and high quality reverb and delay effects for each track. The app is created by XME Inc. and we haven’t heard plans or noise around an Android version.


  • Audiobus Support: Allows you to send audio from this app to other audiobus supported apps for effects and real-time recording.
  • Beautiful & Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Sequence with Dozens of SoundKits, high quality Reverb & Delay effects for each track.
  • Export Your Songs as mp3s, project files to collaborate with friends, upload to YouTube and Facebook & open into other apps.
  • Edit each individual note in the “Sequencer”
  • Tap the tempo of your choice for each song
  • Unlimited Songs
  • Solo + Mute each track
  • Copy/Paste Note Recordings from one track to another
  • Tap the metronome dots to activate the Metronome
  • Set a note Pattern then just hold your fingers to the notes and let BeatPad – Trance play the pattern for you.
  • Quantize settings place your recorded notes on beat/in sync automatically.
  • Several Polyphony Settings

Sound Kits:

  • Beat Collection 130BPM
  • Bent Synth Chords
  • Deep Bass
  • Distorted Lick
  • FX Collection
  • FX1
  • Piano Arp
  • Piano Chords
  • Piano Chords 2
  • Piano Melody
  • Piano Octave
  • Piano Octave Low
  • Short Drop
  • Synth Arp
  • Synth Chord Pattern
  • Synth Chords
  • Synth Collection 130BPM
  • Synth Lead
  • Synth Pattern
  • Trance Kit 1
  • Trance Piano 1
  • Trance Piano 2
  • Trance Piano 3
  • Trance Piano 4
  • XME Kit 6
  • XME Kit 7

 Download from iTunes: BeatPad

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