Navitel Navigator releases version 9.9 for Android mobile devices

The latest Navitel Navigator 9.9 for Android mobile devices adds:

improved display of exit numbers

In the updated version of the app alphanumeric exit numbers assigned to highway junctions are shown at the top of the screen. Together with 3D routes, this information makes navigation easier and helps motorists driving on major roads.

updated routing for trucks

When calculating routes for trucks, Navitel Navigator 9.9 takes into account all the existing restrictions for this type of transport. Users can choose the type of their vehicles in the program settings.

advanced algorithm for estimated route time calculation for routes between countries

Navitel Navigator 9.9 calculates route time based on estimated delays at border crossing points. This helps drivers get a realistic idea of the arrival time at the beginning of their trip.

Navitel Navigator 9.9 also adds a new voice package in Finnish. The app now supports voice prompts in 31 languages. The program interface is available in 36 languages.

Android users can get the latest update from the DOWNLOADS page on the official NAVITEL® website or via Google Play.

New users can access a 7-day trial period. When the trial period expires, the program will switch to limited functionality mode. In order to use the premium version you must buy a license key.

You can also purchase a 1 Year Subscription to the chosen maps and enjoy the advantages of the premium version with full functionality for the whole year*. You decide if you want to renew the subscription after a 1-year time period or cancel it. Navigate the world on your own terms!

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