About Mobile Mage

Mobile Mage, yet another blog maintained by Cezanne Huq, covers mobile software, technology, business news and information related to the business of mobile. No, I don’t have deep deep mobile experience nor do I understand it as much as I would like. I’m just an online marketer who is passionate about the latest technology and marketing innovations. I believe the mobile sector will extend and enhance the way we live, learn and work. It has already, look around you and take in the mobile related innovations.

I’ll help you keep track of key shifts in mobile businesses, consumer products, services and major events geared towards the mobile consumers. I’ll make sure your connected with other marketers and hopefully those that are involved in laying the ground work towards the mobile future and frontier.

If you are a business that would like to reach out to me to tap Mobile Mage’s audience about your company whether it’s news and/or sevices then feel free to send mobile news and information related to mobile search, mobile consumer products, mobile marketing, services and events to cezanne at mobilemage dotcom.