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NAVITEL offering a major discounts on mobile GPS apps for a limited time

NAVITEL offering a major discounts on mobile GPS apps for a limited time. From Feb 12 through the 25th get up to 50% off on mobile GPS software from the Apple Store, Google Play and their website.

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Israel’s YouPhone selects CALLUP’s system enabling remote files & applet management

The SIM OTA module can update any file on the SIM’s file system, provided it is allowed to be modified over the air. Examples of such files include the number used to identify the mobile phone number (MSISDN), the service provider name (SPN), SMS parameters, network selection etc.

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ding* hoping to leverage Android One to connect 100% of India to the Internet.

ding hoping to leverage Android One to connect 100% of India to the Internet. In a country where the majority of data plans are pre-paid, top-up is going to play a vital role in maximising the potential of the Android One in India. The Indian Diaspora, who send approximately $70 billion back home through traditional money remittance channels every year, are in a strong position to help fuel this technological advancement by helping to keep the smartphones of their friends and families topped-up.

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Engage Mobility launches mobile marketing solution for Realtors

Engage Mobile’s mobile marketing solution will allow Realtors to utilize the power of the Engage Mobile augmented reality technology to bring images of properties to life in mobile video. A prospective home buyer will now have the ability to scan a picture of the home from a flyer or sign and pull the virtual tour for the home on the user’s mobile device or smartphone.

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Spotify tracks can now be mixed and DJ’d using Pacemaker for iPad

Millions of songs and mixing goes mass audience with Spotify which with Pacemaker for iPad enables tracks to be mixed and DJ’d.

Sports and Wellness drive mHealth mobile device shipments past 30 million in 2012

ABI ResearchBluetooth Smart Ready connectivity in many smartphones including Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy III has driven a new wave of interest and investment in the capabilities of wearable sensoring mobile enabled devices. Between 2011 and 2017 the market for these devices will grow at a CAGR of nearly 40%.

Desktops left behind & beyond mobile computing the next frontier is wearable devices

A walk through wearable devices history going back to the first documented wearable computer which was developed in 1961 by Ed Thorpe and Claude Shannon. Both mathematics professors at MIT, Ed and Claude put their high pedigree knowledge in gambling, particularly the game of Roulette.

Indigo Rose Software creates Andromo a mobile app creator for Android

Andromo is a free online service for making Android apps without coding. With its visual approach, anyone can make a professional Android app and put it in front of an audience of millions. Businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds can get creative by using Facebook and Twitter feeds, websites, interactive maps, Flickr photo galleries, and more. Companies that rely on customers contacting them for service or reservations can add ‘phone us’ or ’email us’ features to their apps. Bands and musicians can incorporate music players, soundboards, and YouTube videos to share music and performances with fans.

PayPal moving in on the mobile payments opportunity with “PayPal Here”

In a move to dampen Square and Intuit’s GoPayment hold on the mobile payments market, PayPal shoots for the stars with PayPal Here. The product, called, “PayPal Here” is a global mobile payments solution that allows small businesses to accept nearly any form of payment. The “Here” service includes a free app and fully encrypted…

Air Playit ranks # 1 for free iPhone & iPad audio video streamer app with 2 million downloads

Official survey data presents that almost 2 million people have downloaded Air Playit. This is actually the result of frequent technical improvements made by the developer, who aims to create a best video audio enjoying atmosphere for all users.