Pelago’s Whrrl 2.0 free iphone application

pelago-logoPelago announces launch of Whrrl v2.0 on Apple App store. The new free iPhone and iPod Touch application lets people capture their real-world stories. “The story format for sharing life experiences is very exciting, because stories are the source of so much inspiration,” said Jeff Holden, Founder and CEO of Pelago.

Skyfire Beta 0.9 release bring social web to masses

Skyfire LogoSkyfire, the makers of the same-name PC-like mobile browser for mobile devices, released Skyfire Beta 0.9 to bring people closer to each other and their favorite content. This new version of Skyfire integrates a desktop experience browser with the best of the Social Web.

The most noticeable change in the new version of Skyfire is a real-time activity wall which aggregates customized feeds from news, media, Facebook and Twitter.

Mpowerplayer defines social audience for mobile games

mpowerplayer-logoMplayit Mobile Arcade fuels mobile content discovery across social networks, specifically Facebook and MySpace social platforms. The application lets people explore and trial mobile games in their web browser. Based on a sizable sample of Facebook and Myspace members, nearly every visitor tries out the mobile games, while a larger number return to check out new mobile games as they are added to the catalog.

iPhone gets Shazam mobile song discovery service

Shazam LogoShazam announces mobile music application for your iPhone. Shazam, a leading mobile music discovery service now available for download at the Apple iTunes software and applications store. Application lets your iPhone detect the name of a song simply by holding your iPhone to the music as it plays.

Plusmo lays up live mobile NCAA Basketball tournament coverage

Pluso logoPlusmo lays up live mobile NCAA Basketball tournament coverage. Mobile widget service with real-time tracking of scores, schedules enhances NCAA Basketball tournament experience for fans.