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ding* hoping to leverage Android One to connect 100% of India to the Internet.

ding hoping to leverage Android One to connect 100% of India to the Internet. In a country where the majority of data plans are pre-paid, top-up is going to play a vital role in maximising the potential of the Android One in India. The Indian Diaspora, who send approximately $70 billion back home through traditional money remittance channels every year, are in a strong position to help fuel this technological advancement by helping to keep the smartphones of their friends and families topped-up.

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ASUS, Lenovo and Amazon race for tablet 3rd place

ASUS, Lenovo and Amazon race for tablet 3rd place as Apple and Samsung loosening grip int he market. Apple and Samsung have led the market substantially since the inception of media tablets. However, the race for third is up for grabs and competition is heating up between Lenovo, Amazon, ASUS, and other emerging vendors. The aggressive nature of the market and substantial increase in emerging vendors has created a stall for leaders in the market giving PC OEMs the opportunity to close the gap between leaders and followers. According to market intelligence firm ABI Research, emerging vendors are forecasted to experience a CAGR of 22.8% between 2014 and 2019. With third place up for grabs, Lenovo is working to gain ground in the market, and in 2019 is expected to ship 21 million tablets, attaining 7.3% of the overall market. This forecasted momentum and growth would land it solidly in third place.


Mobile device management (MDM) market worth $3.94 billion by 2019

The solution vendors in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) market space are continuously designing and innovating on the existing products; so as to build a sophisticated IT infrastructure for the mobile environment where employees have a secured access to corporate data. The MDM market is consolidated with big players such as Airwatch, Mobileiron, Citrix Solutions, SAP, Good Technology, IBM, Symantec, Microsoft, Sophos, and Soti.

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Meet Kolibree the world’s first connected electric toothbrush

Kolibree’s smart toothbrush has a unique technology that analyzes your brushing habits and displays them on a mobile dashboard you can quickly access from your phone. Through Kolibree’s free mobile app, you’ll be able to view data about every brushing via Bluetooth. Kolibree’s smart sensors will tell you whether you have brushed long enough and reached the hard-to-reach but important parts of your teeth and gums.

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iPhone and iPad get CyBlock mobile security from Wavecrest Computing

CyBlock mobile security app provides threat protection, web filtering, simplified management across mobile data & wifi networks on iPhone & iPad devices.

CyBlock Mobile Security App, a companion to the easy-to-implement CyBlock Web Security Cloud, benefits organizations of all sizes and quickly safeguards their mobile devices. CyBlock App enables your employees to work efficiently and securely while accessing the internet on their mobile devices .

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Sprint selects Kineto for Wi-Fi mobile calls

New Sprint service expands indoor voice and messaging coverage using existing Wi-Fi networks. Voice and messaging coverage at home and in the office has been a top subscriber concern since the very beginning of the mobile industry. Fortunately, with Strategy Analytics reporting that Wi-Fi is now installed in nearly two-thirds of all U.S. households, and a recent Deloitte study indicating nearly two-thirds of all U.S. smartphone users now prefer to connect to Wi-Fi for accessing the Internet, the pieces are now in place to address this coverage concern.

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Engage Mobility launches mobile marketing solution for Realtors

Engage Mobile’s mobile marketing solution will allow Realtors to utilize the power of the Engage Mobile augmented reality technology to bring images of properties to life in mobile video. A prospective home buyer will now have the ability to scan a picture of the home from a flyer or sign and pull the virtual tour for the home on the user’s mobile device or smartphone.

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Adbrain mobile advertising buying platform goes into private beta

Adbrain mobile advertising platform launches in private beta with Annalect, M&C Saatchi Mobile, Fetch, Somo and The Exchange Lab on board to conduct rapid experiments. Aim is to bring programmatic ad buying on mobile to global brands looking to turn data into insights for smarter real-time mobile advertising.

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Carrier iQ bringing big data analytics to the telecom industry

Mobile intelligence provider brings SaaS flexibility and economy to mobile network operators worldwide with iQ xPlore SmartStart, a quick-to-deploy, proven device-centric big data analytics solution.

MNOs typically have access to data from inside their networks, as well as some user-generated information, but they have little insight on what is happening on the device itself.

The Human Chain

The Human Chain’s new mobile service ties disparate platforms via universal mobile ids

Mobile business and technology consultancy firm The Human Chain is set to launch a new mobile service realization framework at the GMSA’s Mobile World Congress 2014, in Barcelona between 24th and 27th February 2014.